Cardas Parsec Digital Cable 1.0m



Affordable High-performance Digital Cable

Parsec Digital is an affordable yet high performance digital coaxial cable from Cardas Audio, suitable for 75 ohm applications. Parsec Digital replaces High Speed Data as Cardas Audio’s entry-level digital interconnect, with improvements in shielding, flexibility, and termination. The flexible green jacket matches other Parsec cables.

Quality GRMO RCA Connectors

Parsec Digital is terminated with quality RCA (GRMO) connectors. These GRMO male RCA plugs are non-magnetic and are made of eutectic brass with rhodium over silver plate. The brass cover is gold plated.

  • Coaxial digital cable
  • Suitable for 75 ohm applications
  • Replaces Cardas High Speed Data Cable
  • Offers improvements in shielding, flexibility, and termination
  • Flexible green jacket matches other Parsec cables
  • Terminated with quality RCA (GRMO) connectors


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