Reference Series

The whole design history of Acoustic Energy began in 1987 with the launch of the AE1, since then there has always been an AE1 in the range. Now, in 2017, we introduce our first domestic active loudspeaker, the AE1 Active, carrying the tradition of the iconic AE1 model into a new, compact active design. This complements our Reference range of speakers which have been designed to combine everything we know about loudspeaker design into products that are the very best we have ever made.

As such, the Reference 1 and 3 uses our specially developed Constrained Layer Damping cabinet to provide as inert a structure as possible for the drivers. The drivers themselves are no-compromise designs employing aluminium for the bass and midbass units and a 32mm ring radiator tweeter for exceptional frequency response and extremely
low distortion.

Finished in a range of premium finishes, the Reference line-up is able to meet the most demanding of expectations while delivering exceptional aesthetics and user friendliness and whilst representing the pinnacle of Acoustic Energy speaker design.