Bmax Buddy


*Including 2 pcs VHF Wireless Mics *2 Way Stereo Speakers 5″ x 2 *Recharge Batt Last min 3-5 hours
*High Speed Download access *15K capacity / 120 K cloud songs*15K capacity / 120K cloud songs
*HDMI x 1 extrnal output *Audio signal output for external USB media direct playback
* Blue-tooth Wireless Music access *IOS/Andriod Mobile Apps

點歌王 bmax Skymedia


Hi-End Pro Karaoke On Demand

Bmax Skymedia Karaoke On Demand

  • Best HD Karaoke Quality : Best Audio Auto balance Library
  • Fastest download speed @30sec/songs, Beat all existing famous models in the market
  • Best songs content library included all locals/oversea labels ( 165k songs)
  • Reliable dedicated cloud server with 99% up rate ( always on-line )
  • Instant karaoke recording Wechat sharing: Live sing scoring for more fun
  • Auto system and library update ; Easy controlled by IOS / Android devices

BA-X5 Karaoke Amplifier
BS-455 Karaoke Speaker
K-500 Dynamic Microphone

Bmax BA-X5 數碼卡拉OK 功率放大器
Karaoke Amplifier 200 x 2 Channel

Bmax BS-455卡拉OK揚聲器
10″ 2 Way Karaoke Speaker 450W

Bmax K-500 專業動態麥克風
Dynamic Microphone 

( USB Recording Function )