ATC SCM12i Pro Studio Monitor (install)


  • Back Order 8-12 weeks
  • Wide bandwidth & high SPL capability
  • Neutral timbre & low distortion for low listener fatigue
  • 150mm / 6” ATC CLD Bass Driver
  • 25mm / 1” ATC Dual-Suspension HF Driver
  • Cabinet mounting points for wall/ceiling mount
  • 6 year warranty

Available on backorder


ATC Accuracy, Install-ready

The ATC SCM12i Pro is an installation-ready compact, high-performance 2-way passive studio monitor with cabinet mounting points for wall and ceiling mounting. The SCM12i Pro employs the company’s proprietary Constrained Layer Damping (CLD) bass/midrange driver. CLD woofers use a multi-layered composite cone with a central damping layer that greatly reduces the audible artifacts of cone breakup. These drive units deliver outstanding clarity, even at high output levels. To ensure consistent performance over extended periods, the SH25-76 tweeter used in the SCM12i Pro is a unique dual-suspension unit that ensures free pistonic voice coil movement without reliance on ferrofluid. The ATC SCM12i Pro is ideal for critical nearfield monitoring applications in all control rooms and for surround applications in small-to-medium-sized rooms.


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