ATC SCM25A Pro Studio Monitor


  • Back Order 8-12 weeks
  • 25mm neodymium soft dome tweeter.
  • ATC hand built 3˝/75mm soft dome mid driver.
  • ATC hand built 6.5˝/164mm carbon-paper cone bass driver.
  • On-board grounded source 235W class A/B 3-way amplifier.
  • Compact size with high output and low cut-off frequency.
  • 19˝ rack mountable.
  • 6 year warranty.


Handmade Monitors from the UK!

The quickest way to upgrade the sound of your studio is with the ATC SCM25A Pro 3-way active studio monitors. All of ATC’s speakers are handmade in the UK. Even the low and mid drivers are handmade and wound to exacting specifications so your playback is as accurate as possible. The SCM25A Pro gives you full-range playback via a 6.5″ woofer, 3″ midrange, and a 1″ dome tweeter. Tri-amped with a total of 235W, this system is clear and accurate. Hear what you have been missing from your music with the ATC SCM25A Pro active studio monitors.

Drivers: HF 25mm soft dome, Mid 75mm soft dome, LF 6.5″/164mm short-coil carbon paper cone
Amplitude Linearity (±2dB): 74Hz-17kHz
Cut-off Frequencies (-6dB, free-standing): 47Hz-22kHz
Dispersion: ±80° Coherent Horizontal, ±10° Coherent Vertical
Max. Continuous SPL (1 metre): 109dB
Audio Input: Rear panel mounted female xlr (pin 2 +)
Input Sensitivity: 1V rms (ref. full output)
Input Sensitivity Trim: 0dB to -6dB/1V – 2V (continuously variable via rear panel trimmer)
Input Impedance: Balanced > 10kΩ
Amplifier Output Power: Bass 150W rms, Mid 60W rms, High 25W rms
Crossover Frequencies: 380Hz & 3.5Khz
Crossover Filters: 4th order critically damped with phase compensations
Low Frequency Boost: 0dB to +3dB at 40Hz (continuously variable via rear panel trimmer)
Overload Protection: Active FET momentary gain reduction
Dimensions (HxWxD): 264 x 430 x 369mm (10.4˝ x 16.9˝ x 14.5˝).  Handles add an 39mm/1.5″ to depth.
Weight: 30kg / 66lbs (per cabinet)


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