ATC SCM50ASL Pro Studio Monitor


  • Back Order 8-12 weeks
  • ATC 25mm/1” Dual Suspension ‘S-Spec’ Tweeter.
  • Full “SL” spec 9˝/234mm bass driver.
  • ATC 75mm “Super Dome” mid driver.
  • On board grounded source 350W Tri-amp pack.
  • LF contour control.
  • Clip indication.
  • 6 year warranty.


The Professional Choice for No-compromise Audio

Professionals choose the ATC SCM50ASL active monitors for their unparalleled accuracy, overall quality, and exceptional performance. That’s why you’ll find ATC monitors in the studios of George Massenburg, Chuck Ainlay, Nathaniel Kunkel, and many other world-renowned engineers. ATC monitors are handmade in the U.K. using cutting-edge components and processes, and you’ll immediately hear why they’re considered one of the finest reference monitors in the world.

A powerful three-way design


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