Cyrus Stereo 200 Audiophile Power Amplifier


Inputs: 2× RCA phono single-ended, 2× XLR balanced line, 12V trigger, MC-BUS input phono

Outputs: 4mm/spade/bare wire loudspeaker terminals, 2× RCA phono single-ended chain out, MC-BUS output phono

Power output (continuous @ 0.1% THD+N): 175W per channel (into 8Ω), 325W per channel (into 4Ω)

Connectivity: Full RS232 control provided to allow a suite of Stereo 200 to be connected together, MC-BUS to other Cyrus products

Inputs: RCA phono or XLR balanced, 12V trigger

Power supply: 475VA Toroidal transformer


Cyrus Stereo 200

Those in the know about audiophile components recognise quality when they hear it. The Cyrus Stereo 200 is a rare beast indeed – lauded by many as one of the finest power amplifiers of its generation, the Stereo 200 is remarkable in its poise, absolute grip and astonishing dynamic range. Based on our in-house developed third generation Hybrid Class-D amplification, it is efficiently commanding, yet gloriously musical.

You have to hear this amplifier to believe it.



A true marvel of Hi-Fi engineering, the Stereo 200 is exceptional in it’s detail, resolution and ability to cope with the very hardest loudspeaker loads.


Delivering a herculean 2 x 203 Watts into 6Ω from the half width Cyrus die-cast aluminium chassis, this high-quality power amp provides enormous continuous power and superb dynamics.

Pin-point instrument positioning, beautiful balancing and crystal clarity are all signatures of this landmark amplifier.

Cyrus’ Stereo 200 power amplifier is the first hybrid power amplifier to be launched from this new platform. By “hybrid” we mean it incorporates a traditional Cyrus power supply design with a low noise toroidal transformer, married with a new, high power, class D output device. This combination provides enormous continuous power and superb dynamics.

  • Full RS232 control
  • MC-BUS connectivity
  • Inputs – RCA phono or XLR balanced, 12V trigger
  • Outputs – 4mm/spade/bare wire loudspeaker terminals, RCA chain out
  • Power supply – 475VA Toroidal transformer
  • Output power 8 ohms – 175 Watts, 4 ohms – 325 Watts

Stereo 200 混合D類立體聲後級功率擴大機



在兩年的時間裡,我們開展了一個投資計劃,探索創造一個,以圍繞D類輸出級設計為中心思想,並配搭Cyrus電源強化供應的新擴大機設計。從最初的腦力激盪集思廣益,終至最後成熟為一個非常強大和先進的混合D類設計,並體現於Stereo 200產品上。這種設計聆聽起來,具有高度動態和能量,部分是因為它有卓越的低阻抗匹配來控制揚聲器。在實際聽感中,聲音具有遼闊的音場和非常強烈和詳細的低頻,許多聽眾將為之驚喜。

我們的Stereo 200混合D類立體聲後級功率擴大機提供2 x 200瓦的驅動能力,在真實的聆聽室中,可輕易驅動任何一對揚聲器,來創造一個巨大的虛擬音樂舞台。對D類擴大線路的創新研發輸出平台,再加上我們強大的電源強化供應,創造出一個混合D類擴大線路設計,得以提供巨大動態和高傳真音質。與Cyrus其它前級擴大機及訊源連結,即可創造出一組體積雖小,但能夠在任何地方,足與其它高價位系統匹敵的高傳真音響系統。

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 73 × 215 × 360 cm


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