Pioneer CSX-100 Karaoke Speaker


High sound quality network circuit for clear vocal sounds
Thanks to a network circuit that uses a highly reliable high-class metalized film condenser for audio, clear sound quality is achieved by preventing drops in quality of the input signal from the amplifier. In addition, crossover point settings with optimized balance between the tweeter and woofer bandwidths makes it possible to play smooth vocal sounds.

Symmetrical design and tweeter layout for wide sound stage
The speakers adopt a symmetrical design. The tweeters can also be turned outwards by 30 degrees in a diagonal layout so as to produce sound that has excellent balance even when heard in large spaces such as party rooms.

Maximum inputs designed to enable enjoyment at high volume and with strong sound pressure in spacious rooms
These speakers have the industry’s highest level of maximum inputs as karaoke speakers, being rated at 600W (CS-X080) and 800W (CS-X100) respectively. This makes it possible to enjoy rich sound at high volume in large spaces such as party rooms.

Strong bass sounds thanks to high capacity enclosure and large aperture magnets
Strong bass sounds are produced thanks to large 16 liter (CS-X080) and 25.8 liter (CS-X100) enclosures together with large 120mm (CS-X080) and 140mm (CS-X100) aperture magnets. The clear sound of kick drums and bass make it easy to keep to the rhythm when singing.

Equipped with speaker safeguards
Tweeter units are protected with automatic return speaker safeguards. Damage to tweeter units will be prevented even if excessive signals are input from microphones, etc.


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  • Type
  • Reverse phase bookshelf speakers
  • Speaker Formation
  • 2-way 5-unit type
    Woofer : ?25 cm cone x 1
    Tweeters : ?7.7 cm cone x 4
  • Impedance
  • 8 Ohm
  • Frequency Response
  • 40 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Maximum Input
  • 800 W
  • External dimensions (1 speaker)
  • 527 mm (W) × 310 mm (D) × 297 mm (H)
  • Weight (1 speaker)
  • 12.9 kg


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