Cardas Iridium Speaker Cable – 2.5m pair


Cardas Iridium Speaker Cable

Two 11.5 AWG Golden ratio Litz conductors in a soft, flexible jacket making it ideal for short or long runs with tight turns.

An easy-to-match, easy-to-use cable that performs like a product costing much more. Iridium is known for its rich midrange with strong bass and smooth treble. It is also very soft and flexible for its size, making it easy to run in difficult spaces.

Iridium is the most attainable in Cardas' lineup to use Golden Ratio Stranded Litz conductors. In a Litz conductor, every copper strand has a non-conductive enamel coating which eliminates distortions from skin and proximity effects. However, it makes it difficult and time-consuming to terminate the cable, so this design is reserved for higher end products.


Conductors: 2 x 11.5 AWG Cardas copper

Construction: PFA dielectric, golden ratio section, twin axial construction, Litz, neoprene jacket


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