Cardas Parsec Interconnect RCA 1.0 Meter


Cardas Parsec Interconnect

Two 23.5 AWG copper Matched Propagation conductors with air-tube dielectric.

One of Cardas' all-time bestsellers, the Parsec is neutral with a hint of warmth on top, and very transparent for a cable of this price range.

Coming in at a step above Iridium, Parsec benefits from the technology originally developed for Cardas' flagship Clear cables: Matched Propagation Conductors.

These are ultra-pure copper, Kevlar core conductors, for which George Cardas received US Patent 7,674,973 in 2010. They make possible the transparency, dynamics and holographic imaging of Clear, with a specially designed version bringing that performance to this pricepoint.

Internally, Parsec is comprised of a shielded twisted pair of 23.5 AWG Matched Propagation Conductors with poly-e air-tubes bound and carbon impregnated FEP tape wrap. The outer layer uses compressed poly-e air-tubes to suspend the tin-plated copper braided shield. The jacket is extruded Alcryn rubber.


Conductors: 2 x 23.5 AWG Cardas copper conductors

Construction: Semi-conductive air-tube, Matched Propagation, golden section, Litz, braided shield Alcryn jacket

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 10 cm


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